What’s On Your Leadership Playlist?

Have you got a playlist?

I mean – do you invite play into your life regularly?

I don’t mean the “pretend play” that most people engage in.

Where they do things that “look like play”.

I mean, real playing.

The kind of playing where you forget yourself.

You forget the time.

You do not want it to end.

Where there is no purpose other than joy.

No goal.

No outcome.

No pressure.

Most people don’t play because of their internal dialogue.

They feel guilty when they play.

They feel shame.

They feel like they are “wasting time”.

They are unable to allow themselves to play.

They feel like naughty children.

What I don’t want you to know about me, is that I used to really struggle with “playing” – mainly because of the illusions in my head that:

“Grown-ups shouldn’t be playing”

“Playing doesn’t make any money”

“What about the really important stuff?”

Yet play is life.

And life is play.

Researcher Stuart Brown, MD, describes play as “time spent without purpose.”

When did you last spend time without purpose?

When did you last engage in your favourite game, with no guilt or shame?

When did you last play?

What if you could play without any inner friction?

Great leaders know the true value of play.

Do you?

Tell me what kind of play makes you forget yourself – I’m curious.


About The Author

Bob Buckley

My name is Bob Buckley. I'm the founder of The Soul Scientist. As a Coach and Mentor, I support extraordinary people, stuck in personal or professional transition, to create a life of freedom, authenticity and joy. My motto: "Change looks hard. But it doesn't have to feel crippling" #Leadership #SelfDiscovery #Enlightenment #InsideOut