Getting Out Of Your Head [ Interview with Bob Buckley ]

I recently did a wonderful interview with Coach and Podcast Grand Wizard, Michael Glover, for his podcast “Enlightened Entrepreneurial Badassess”.

Michael kindly invited me to speak with him about my life, my background, my work as a transformative coach and the awakening that began for me in February 2015.

I seldom talk about my own personal history, so this is a rare opportunity…which I truly relished, if I am honest with you.

…despite being incredibly nervous beforehand.

In the interview, we talk about:

  • My own story of breakdown to inner awakening and realisation of truth.
  • How I see language as a window into how and why we behave the way we do.
  • Why we sometimes experience suffering and mental or ‘inner tension’.
  • Dealing with anxiety and depression internally.
  • Building a fantastic relationship with your Self.
  • Exploring the idea of what thought is and how to deal with negativity.
  • Why denying our truth and living in a world of thoughts can cause inner chaos.
  • How to love all your thoughts, not simply keep good ones and get rid of the bad ones.
  • Why feeling like we ‘should’ be/do/say certain things is a recipe for inner turmoil (and how to deal with this)

Michael is an inspiring man and fantastic interviewer.

If you’d like to get to know me a little better, take a listen.

Links to interview with Michael Glover and me, Bob Buckley:



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Bob Buckley

My name is Bob Buckley. I'm the founder of The Soul Scientist. As a Coach and Mentor, I support extraordinary people, stuck in personal or professional transition, to create a life of freedom, authenticity and joy. My motto: "Change looks hard. But it doesn't have to feel crippling" #Leadership #SelfDiscovery #Enlightenment #InsideOut